Pirandello wrote that in Sicily the man “is born island within the island” and that he remains so even “living far from his harsh native land”. The bond that unites him to his land is particular, strong, indissoluble…such as the one that binds U’Mauru to his rock.


The coast that connects Catania to Acireale is among the most characteristics of the Etna landscape. Characterized largely by a natural escarpment that drops sheer into the sea, it offers the eyes a truly breathtaking panorama, made even more particular by the special encounter between the dark tones of the volcanic rock and the various shades of blue of the water.

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The Mauro is harvested at a depth that varies from half a meter to two meters, in the period from February, immediately after the feast of Sant’Agata, until the end of June. After harvesting, it is immediately processed using patented processes, in order to safeguard its peculiarties.

Each production batch is analyzed in specialized laboratories and accompained by a timely report on its edibility.


We present Rosario, our trusted fisherman, an expert connoisseur of the sea. For many years he has been responsible for collecting the Mauro, preserving its reproduction and avoiding any type of invasive intervention.


The best way to learn the history of U’Mauru seaweed is to listen to the stories of an elderly and expert fisherman from Catania. In fact, it was the fishermen themeselves who, with their small boats, remaining close to the coast, discovered more than a century ago the great value of this seaweed with its typical red color and characteristic filamentous appearance. Most of the time it was taken from the shallow seabed and enjoyed directly on the shore, flavored only with a lemon squeeze. A humble dish, aslo sold on the street, with an extraordinary flavour, about which they used to say “with U’Mauru you can rinse your mouth” which today has become a true gourmet’s delight.


Known by the scientific name of “Chondracanthus Teedei”, U’Mauru, like most red seawed, it has marine origins and prefers warm seas. It grows abundantly on volcanic rocks and has a high number of nutrients that are particularly beneficial for the body and mind. To prevent its characteristics from being altered in any way, it is handpicked and always left a little bit in order to let it re-sprout.

The licenses that allow its harvesting are very limited in number and are granted the aim of protecting the ecosystem and consequently the seaweed.

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