Two souls of the same land

In Sicily, the sea and the volcano are like two lovers. The impetuous sea meets the volcano, fiery and unpredictable and together they give life to the heart of our beloved land. These two elements, symbols of our Sicilian culture and nature, meet in the two flagships of Scogliera Lavica: “19.9 IN SPIRIT” which recalls the fresh flavor of the sea and “SPACCAPIETRE” as overwhelming as the power of the Etna volcano.


Every drop of our gins realease the flavor of our beloved land. The best juniper berries, harvested at the foot of majestic Etna, give unique and unmistakable emotions to your palates.



Originally produced in Italy by a group of monks with the aim of preserving the extaordinary medical properties of juniper, gin is nowdays one of the most popular spirits in the world.

It seems that the formulation was subsequently modified in the Netherlands by a doctor from Leiden University with the aim of finding a remedy to treat Dutch soldiers who fell ill with fever.


Research for perfection

The elegant and refined design of our bottles is unique because they are individually handmade. To create them we only rely on the best Sicilian artisans who, with skill and passion, handle the lava stone giving life to the iconic U’MAURU bottle.


19.19 in Spirit

On the volcanic rock, where the gentle underground springs meet the sea, where the water is fresh and clear and its purity reaches its peak, U’Mauru is born, a poor seaweed with multiple properties.



At the foot of mighty Etna, where mythology and nature interwine to create breathtaking scenery, a fern scent with extraordinary qualties grows.

Taste the excellence

Sink into the luxury of a gin that transforms every sip into an extraordinary experience. Discover the quality of our gins and let yourself be seduced by the enchantment of an art that shines in every drop.

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